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Aryosa AnalyticsTM enables real-time reporting and analytics related to your business processes, tasks and applications orchestrated and supported by the O.S.A.TM architecture and provides access to this data to your organization’s Business Process Managers & Stakeholders.

Aryosa AnalyticsTM defines and monitors process appraisal metrics and supports users in configuring reporting dashboards, defining access and rendering options.

Aryosa AnalyticsTM offers catalogues of different KPIs to be used to monitor performance while the O.S.A.TM architecture is executing process activities, comparing these metrics to benchmarks at both the individual task and overall business process level.

Aryosa AnalyticsTM allows you to extract and aggregate data, input KPI calculation formulas, and create reports by selecting and applying relevant data filters.

Aryosa AnalyticsTM allows you to save process appraisal reports and analytics and share them with the relevant stakeholders in your organization’s decision chain in order to determine the best process improvement steps.

Aryosa™ is an innovative start-up company offering a cutting-edge integrated platform designed to orchestrate, support and analyze organizations’ business processes, activities and tasks according to standard Business Process Model and Notations. The Aryosa™ Platform empowers industrial partners to drive, support and improve the Change Management and continuous improvement initiatives of their customers by providing the tools and services for the design, rollout and monitoring of new business processes within their organizations.

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