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Aryosa™ is a cutting-edge IT architecture and infrastructure based on O.S.A.™, an innovative methodology for managing the Orchestration, Support and Analysis of your organization’s business processes, tasks and activities using certified and compliant applications and specialized by market verticals.

The underlying Aryosa™ architecture provides access to a shared repository (Aryosa Store™) of process and task blueprints (Aryosa Catalogues™), a library of executable software applications (Aryosa Apps™), as well as an intelligent, state-of-the-art process modeling and design environment (Aryosa Modeler™).

 Aryosa™ also integrates a third-party Process Analytics module for monitoring and analyzing business process KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in order to drive continuous business process appraisal and improvement within your organization.

Finally, Aryosa™ offers Skillaware™, a Process Performance Support & Training module designed to engage, support and train your workforce during the rollout and uptake of new business processes and software systems and tools within your organization.

Aryosa™ is an innovative start-up company offering a cutting-edge integrated platform designed to orchestrate, support and analyze organizations’ business processes, activities and tasks according to standard Business Process Model and Notations. The Aryosa™ Platform empowers industrial partners to drive, support and improve the Change Management and continuous improvement initiatives of their customers by providing the tools and services for the design, rollout and monitoring of new business processes within their organizations.

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