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The O.S.A. Method™

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Are you Ready for O.S.A.™?

The O.S.A. methodTM provides a solid foundation from which each of our partner companies and customers can shape their own delivery approach to realize the benefits of BPMN-based business process orchestration, support and analysis to support Change Management and continuous improvement  within their organizations.

The main steps for applying the O.S.A. methodTM as well as leveraging the Aryosa PlatformTM to support them are:

  • Step 1: Business Process Modeling 

Business Process Modeling entails defining and laying out the business processes, tasks and activities that need to be performed in coordination in your organizational and technical environment in order to achieve specific business outcomes and results.

These processes, tasks and activities jointly realize a business goal.

Thanks to the Aryosa ModelerTM environment, Business Process Managers & Stakeholders are able to redesign their company’s existing “AS-IS” business processes, procedures and tasks into new “TO-BE” business workflows that reflect the continuous appraisal and improvement steps to be leveraged in their organization.

Thanks to the Aryosa StoreTM,  Business Process Managers & Stakeholders are then able to populate the Aryosa PlatformTM with blueprints of market-specific process models and best practice procedures that can then be used to standardize the business practices within and across multiple departments and regions of their organization.

  • Step 2: Business Processes Execution 

Business Process Execution entails the runtime activation and consumption of specific processes and tasks to be implemented by the automatic launch and synchronization of third-party applications.

Thanks to the Aryosa Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)TM environment, Business Process Managers & Stakeholders can create specialized dashboards to monitor new business processes and check their status during execution. In detail, the Aryosa BAM dashboards enable you to continuously monitor different business process variables, related users and workflow history.

Thanks to the Aryosa Desktop WidgetTM, Business Process Managers & Stakeholders have access to a personalized list of their “to do” tasks containing all the activities and procedures they are responsible for executing based on their functional role and skills within your organization along with the available resources and tools to support and guide their successful execution.

  • Step 3: Business Process Monitoring and Analysis

Business Process Monitoring and Analysis entails the strategic tracking and management of business process performance and uptake in order to drive continuous business process appraisal and improvement within your organization.

Thanks to the monitoring and reporting dashboards provided by the Aryosa Analyse environment, Business Process Managers & Stakeholders are able to respond to process changes and needs in a more timely and intelligent manner.

Thanks to the Aryosa DashboardsTM, Business Process Managers & Stakeholders are able to easily gather, organize, and access the right information in order to more effectively evaluate and manage the necessary steps to be taken in order to meet their organization’s business goals and objectives.

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