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AryosaTM Support  is enabled by means of SkillawareTM, an innovative Process Performance Support & Training solution developed by Skillaware, Aryosa’sTM sister company and also part of the sedApta Group.

SkillawareTM is a cutting-edge software platform that enables you to better engage, support and train both your new and existing workforces during the rollout and uptake of new business processes and software tools within your organization.

SkillawareTM blends the most recent advancements in Business Process Improvement and Guidance (BPI & BPG), Electronic Performance Support (EPS) and Online Learning & Knowledge Content Management in order to bring your workforces just enough and just in time information and guidance during their uptake and execution of new or unfamiliar IT-related SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), processes and tasks.

SkillawareTM adds a new training, performance support and intelligence functionality to any pre-existing software interoperable with the O.S.A. architecture (e.g. CRM, ERP, S&OP, MES, PLM, etc.) without having to touch or modify the software’s original source code.

SkillawareTM interfaces with the O.S.A.TM architecture by means of state-of-the-art interoperability standards (e.g. BPMN 2.0) in order to augment and improve the knowledge, training and support materials and tools made available to your workforces during their execution of  new processes, tasks and procedures.

SkillawareTM enables the import of standard O.S.A. processes and tasks and the overlay of O.S.A. compatible applications in order to support new and current personnel training with the most advanced resources and materials, including peer and expert networking and knowledge management capabilities.

SkillawareTM records and captures IT tasks performed by your expert software users and then automatically creates learning tools and resources, such as simulated lessons, performance support overlays, technical documentation and markup hints and annotations, to be used to support your end user workforces and improve their performance and productivity.

Aryosa™ is an innovative start-up company offering a cutting-edge integrated platform designed to orchestrate, support and analyze organizations’ business processes, activities and tasks according to standard Business Process Model and Notations. The Aryosa™ Platform empowers industrial partners to drive, support and improve the Change Management and continuous improvement initiatives of their customers by providing the tools and services for the design, rollout and monitoring of new business processes within their organizations.

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