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The O.S.A. Partner Model™


By following the O.S.A.TM methodology and leveraging the Aryosa PlatformTM, our partners and customers can become Ready for O.S.ATM.

By using the Aryosa PlatformTM, you can “taskify” your organization’s business processes and workflows within a standard, service-based IT ecosystem. The Aryosa PlatformTM enables organizations to create O.S.A.TMcertified process and task catalogues segmented by market verticals and models, then wrap and expose their business process applications to become orchestrated and executable within the O.S.A.TM workflows.

Currently, the O.S.A. methodologyTM is used by the partners of the sedApta Group to offer SCM (Supply Chain Management) solutions within a specific set of market verticals, including Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Luxury & Fashion and Plastics & Rubber. Using O.S.A.TM, the partners have been able to manage Change Management and transformation initiatives within their target markets and customers and as a result improve their clients’ business processes, performance and overall success.

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